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Transforming innovative ideas into actionable improvements for our customers

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Thank you, Henrik Lundgaard Sedenmark and Danske Erhverv for hosting our first “Nordic Initiative” meeting in Copenhagen September 27 and for inviting Danish retailers.

Bilde av deltakerne på eventen

With the growing prevalence of digital wallets, traditional plastic cards are now transitioning into digital formats within these wallets. However, a crucial aspect that often goes unexplored is how consumer behavior adapts when confronted with the choice of payment instruments within wallets. How will this implicate the consumer journeys at the point of sale? We invited “Visa” to share their insights on this matter.

Sveriges Riksbank, Anders Mölgaard Pedersen, Senior Advisor Analysis & Policy is working on the TIPS cross currency project. He shared his thoughts on Instant payment.

Vipps MobilPay gave their thoughts on Apple and the dominant position of Apple Pay and their prevention of letting third parties access the tap-and-pay capability in iPhones “NFC”.

Special gratitude goes to EuroCommerce`s Atze Faas for sharing insights on EU regulatory impacts in retail.

In our meetings we have the pleasure of having both the Nordic Central Banks and Retail Associations participating to break the silos and harvest the synergies of working together as a region.

Through our interactive breakouts introduced by Ikea we looked into challenges and topics we can adresse together.

We have become the Retail Center of Excellence in the Nordics. As a united group, we’re transforming innovative ideas into actionable improvements for our customers.

Stay tuned, we are moving on :-)


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