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Is it time to rethink loyalty concepts?

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Recap from the first meeting taking place on the initiative "Loyalty concepts".

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NI Round Table at hotel At Six, Stockholm August 29, 10:30-16:00

We openly discussed various topics. The participants presented their concepts and thoughts about collaboration. Business-sensitive information and/or information about pricing, financial models etc. was not shared. We divided into groups discussing the future of loyalty concepts before bringing everyone together and summarizing the discussions.

Discussion points:

1. Which areas are best suited for collaboration - the composition of the customer base (age, interests, etc.), sectors, geography.

2. Collaboration and ambitions to build / participate in digital ecosystems?

3. How can the Nordic Initiative be used as a platform to enable synergies?

4. Which topics should we put on the agenda for further exploration/discussion?

The report from the meeting will be shared with all the members to have their input and comments before the next meet up.

Discussions from the meeting:

Matters of common interest and which are not an area for competition

  • The threat picture - big techs - what are they doing, maneuvering and ambitions in the Nordics. What does it mean for consumers, and what does it mean for existing players

  • Regulatory landscape - what is the intention and arrangement from the EU (DSA, DMA, PSD3, GDPR 2.0 etc.)

Technical discussions

  • Categorization, technical infrastructure, experience in using technical solutions & tools

Advertising and the media landscape

  • How to ensure good placement of advertisements, how to handle regulation and the opportunity to use insight

Possible deliveries

  1. Industry standards and norms

  2. Knowledge development - insight sessions and inspiration trips, as well as the Expo

  3. Discuss areas of common interests in one place across the Nordic region and coordinate and ensure relevant flow of information between national initiatives

  4. Increased trust between the actors as fertile ground for more cooperation - the Nordic model goes digital....

Important considerations

  1. Ensure compliance with relevant competition legislation

  2. Each loyalty concept must have good pay-off from the work, and be willing to give/share with others


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