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Joint Initiatives

Nordic retailers are joining forces focusing on better customer journeys. Acting as a group/region gives us the possibility to influence, shape and define the future of retail.

Current Initiatives

A nordic retail payment scheme

The Nordic initiative community recognises the impact of domestic payment schemes' influence on domestic retail business, while the traditional foreign / domestic split market...

eID in nordic retail

The Nordic initiative community recognises the impact of domestic identity schemes' influence on retail consumer journeys, while lack of interoperability, cross recognizing and...

Nordic Digital Cash

The Nordic initiative community recognises the impact of a cashless society and the lack of available attributes provided by physical cash like offline robustness and consumer privacy...

Cost-of-Payment campaign

Within the Nordic Initiative community, there's a growing acknowledgment of not only an increase of cost as such but also an increasing complexity of cost components within...

It's time to rethink loyalty concepts

Introduction to the theme of risks and opportunities. Market best practices, industry standards, ++ size of risk or opportunity.


Ongoing projects

Better Customer Journey Payment

The Nordic retailers are providing services to millions of customers and process billions of payment transactions every year. Together we are setting common requirements for what we want from future payment solutions

CBDC Initiative

Retailers want to understand and influence: Buying groceries, having access to petrol stations and pharmacies is critical to society. The Central Bank  is in a phase where they are testing CBDC experimentally and Nordic retailers have established a CBDC project. The aim is to learn, understand and support the work the Central Banks are doing.

Loyalty concepts

What are the future of loyalty concepts, and is it time to rethink it? How can industries be tied togheter by a common goal for customer satisfaction?

QR and non-cardbased “tap-and-go” use-case

The Nordic initiative community recognises a fragmented and unstandardised payment market for new alternative payments...

Retail digital robustness to tackle modern crises

In response to the evolving landscape shaped by recent global crises such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, as well as climate...

Bigtech platform economy, friend of foe?

The Nordic initiative community recognises disruption occurring from the platform economy in general and the big techs...

EV charging and retail cooperation

The Nordic initiative community recognises an emerging industry of EV charging requesting cooperation with the retail industry for...


Nordic Initiative is expanding

Our group is growing, our skills set is expanding, and we have outlined hot topics we can derive a range of challenges from. In addition, we have established a close dialog with multinational retail professionals.

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