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Summary from our Meeting in Helsinki June 15th

Meeting participants

Thank you to Finsk Handel, Simo Hiilamo and SGroup, Kai Lindström for hosting the Nordic Initiative meeting in Helsinki June 15.

The group has become the Retail Center of Excellence in the Nordics promoting innovation, industry collaboration and better services to the customers. We are leapfrogging through the growth and market recognition of the initiative, where we in Helsinki had the pleasure of having more retail participants, in person observers from four of the nordic Central Banks and Retail Associations to break the silos and harvest the synergies of working together as a region.

We discussed matters associated with the tremendous digital transformation going on in retail, where automation, user-journeys and regulatory initiatives like eID, faster payment and CBDC represent pieces of the the more and more complex cake of the retail landscape.

We are pleased to announce The Nordic Initiative community has become the fastest and most productive initiative to address industry strategic challenges in this transformation, by simply letting the retailers lead together and learn from each other. And we are even more proud of this announcement given less than a year from the Nordic Initiative's very birth.

Stay tuned, we are still in the very beginning :-)


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