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Is it time to rethink loyalty concepts?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

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I​​nteresting news June 27 from two of the biggest players in the Nordic travel industry. The airline Norwegian and the hospitality group Strawberry establish a common loyalty currency and platform

Loyalty specialists across industries and borders in the Nordic met in Stockholm discussing the future of loyalty programs.

Collaborating across industries can bring fresh perspectives, diverse expertise, and innovative ideas to the table, enabling the development of loyalty programs that go beyond traditional boundaries.

It was an engaging and insightful discussion as we collectively explored new horizons in loyalty program development.

Share and explore gives us the possibility to create innovative, customer-centric loyalty solutions that drive growth, foster collaboration, and set new standards in our respective industries."

This is the beginning of an exciting journey towards a Nordic focus around loyalty concepts providing better services to the customers and strengthened competitiveness against global players.


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